BSTPRO Release Announcement

Hello to all BST users, resellers and partners: Thank you for your support and trust in BST products. We are the original technical team of Best Smart Tools product. BSTPRO (Best Smart Tools Professional Edition) added more functions and will become more powerful. All BST users can upgrade to BSTPRO free.  We will continue to […]

The truth about Gsmbest Team and BST dongle

The wise does not buy rumours Dear BST users: 1. I am the technical director of former Gsmbest Team, also the biggest shareholder of the team and company. At the beginning of 2019, the Gsmbest Team disbanded and the company had cancelled. All team member had left the team & company since then. The old […]

Clarification about BST firmware update rumor

1. New release V3.50 had released and added new functions for OPPO. We are now already working on next update, we will bring more functions to our user. All you need to do is downloading the lastest install package from and install. If you have questions about BST dongle you can contact our online support directly. […]

Official Statement

Since Gsmbest team had officially disbanded, one former team member who in charge sales took the advantage of managing the web site, changed the domain and server password without permission, and is publishing distored news. That is why all news about Best Smart Tools and new upgrade will be no longer published at old website. […]