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Name: BST_V3.51.00 Full Installer
Type: Products Installer
OS: Win2K,WinXP,Win2003,Vista,Win7
Size: 364M
Status: Free download
Time: 2019/08/18
MediaFire Baidu(HighSpeed) BaiduNetDisk WeiYun
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Important Notice

The former company and team had disbanded, the old website ( was NOT representing the BST official anymore. Now BST is continuing by original technical team, for detailed information, click here please.
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Not available.
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Added OPPO OFP format firmware flashing, without account. Without modify orignal factory flashing records. (Exclusive)

  • R11(16051), R11t(16052), R11PlusT(16102), R11Plus(16103), R11Pluskt(16116), R11Plus(16118)
  • R9s(16017), R9sk(16027), R9skt(16028),R9st(16018), R9sPlus(16037), R9sPlust(10636)
  • X9079, CPH1607(16317)
  • A77(17001),A77t(17002)
  • CPH1701 - A57(16361)
  • A57 (16061), A57t(16062)

Added OPPO A77, A77t deep erase (Factory Reset)

Optimizing and Bug Fixing

  Fixed some Xiaomi and VIVO Send loader failed error.
  Fixed installer package error when adb.exe is running
  Fixed Samsung Write QCN bug
  Optimized logging information for Partition Tool
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